Mills & Company is a Mine Ownership and Industrial Development Company that specializes in marginal, abandoned and end of life mines.                           

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We achieve this through global expertise in Mine Operations, Geochemistry, Mining Engineering, Strategic Planning, Finance, Industrial Development and Technology.

Mills & Company is committed to Reclaiming Tomorrow and approach mine ownership, operating and industrial development with an ESG focus, supported by smart and innovative planning that achieves competitive financial return.

About the Issue.

The Problem – Non-Coal.

Areas of high mineralization that have yielded economic reserves are usually characterized post mining as geochemically unstable and the presence of large tailings storage facilities, the remnant of previous extraction processes.  These sites are not as numerous as Coal sites, however, have the potential to cause much larger and more severe environmental damage and destroy entire ecosystems if not properly controlled and maintained.

The Problem - Coal.

Mined land reclamation and rehabilitation is the process of remediating land after mining to a safe, stable, nonpolluting/non-contaminating landform in an ecologically sustainable manner, which is productive and/or self-sustaining and is consistent with the agreed post-mining land use.  Local, state and federal governments have set aside funding for reclamation, however companies with strategic planning and mine reclamation capabilities have not been available.

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